How soap saves the day (and can save yours too)

Soap to the rescue

In the late 90s, a public health worker called Stephen Luby headed to Karachi, Pakistan — in the slums of a city home to 9 million, health was last on the priority list for the slum dwellers. However, the risk of disease could be reduced with the simple act of handwashing. But — as much as people knew this — they didn’t do it. Why?

The hardcore mop patrol

I recently completed Gladwell’s Tipping Point — all of his books consist of tons of interesting examples. Here’s one I particularly liked (also involving soap — this has a purpose, I promise).

Beating the battered till its dying breath

Basically, to bring it back to our current reality, it’s all about incrementally investing in our context — our surroundings shape us on a subconscious level beyond our imaginings (much like most things in our life).

Switching out the old for new

Just like the Karachi slum-inhabitants of the 80s, I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got it — and now, I don’t think I could go back.

Incrementally invest in your environment

  • Invest some money on upgrading your art supplies if it means you’ll enjoy creating better quality paintings.
  • Invest some energy in going for a walk if it means you’ll feel better in your own skin.



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Design. Draw. Do.


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