How to create content fast(er)

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2 min readDec 11, 2021


Daily content is now a must — but how on earth is one supposed to come up with ideas every-fricking-day?!

Simple — repurpose

The great thing about creating content — whether for a blog, Youtube or Instagram — is that you have to keep learning in order to generate new content.

Never stop learning. That’s the key.

Sounds simple right? But it’s surprising how many people drift through life and eventually put a halt to their lfielong learning attitude, choosing instead to subsist on fake news and whatsapp forwards.

Don’t be like the Whatsapp junkies. Take your education into your own hands.

When you learn something, reuse it — but more importantly repurpose it.

The difference? Add your own twist to it.

This video I made, about contrasting values in art, was adapted from many of Tiffanie Mang’s longform videos where she repeats this concept several times.

This other video I made about composition, was adapted from Stephane Richard’s Artstation videos on the same subject.

Take whatever you’ve learned and break it down into short chapters — each chapter equals one piece of content. Simple!

There’s no such thing as original content. The only way you can make it so is to add your own touch and stories to it. You never know who you will reach out to.

It's kinda like Chinese whispers. The person at the beginning of the chain cannot convey the message to the person next to you. Only YOU can do that. You need to contribute your voice in order to keep the chain going. Your unique experience of life creates a different narrative to the ongoing saga.

So try it out — learn from multiple sources and repurpose their work (if you copy from multiple people, it’s not stealing ;)



Design. Draw. Do.

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