Underwater tales

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2 min readDec 12, 2021


When I considered daily writing on Medium, there are two ways to go about it: one, write what the platform wants (i.e. catchy headline content). Or two, write whatever the heck I want.

For now, to save me some brainspace, I will go with the latter.

Please enjoy some writing along with one of my previous artworks, of which I have a backlog. As much as I don’t want to commit to making this a ‘series’, I’ll vaguely state that this may or may not be a somewhat, sometimes regular thing to fulfill the daily writing quota.

The explosion of shimmering water produced a whirlpool of life, encircling him in a crowd of moving bodies.

He blinked several times, wondering as to where this sudden mass had appeared from. He was certain this wasn’t where he had been when he fell asleep.

Perhaps this was a dream? A little too sharp, with crystalline clarity perhaps, but a dream nonetheless.

Light filtered through the clear water, dappling onto his body as if in an underwater forest.

It was a mystical, magical sight. Dawn splintering above him, cascading into a thousand moving stars, replete with fins of gold.

Why had he never been here before? Come across this corner of his mind? Or perhaps — just perhaps — this was real? The idea of it seemed absurd: but it seemed equally absurd not to be.

His robes swayed gently under the current, picked up by a watery breeze. Sea creatures of all kinds circled around him, seemingly at his will. He was dazed, dazzled by the light. His senses were not altogether there.

It was a miracle, to see such a sight, when he had never seen before.

- Tales of the blind magician

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